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ABOUT Faces Clinic

Lilli started doing Lash Extensions in her dressing room whilst at University. From there it became her passion! After taking time off, Lilli realised she couldn’t leave her clients, so she increased her hours and added more treatments to her service list. Now she offers Lash Extensions, Semi-Permanent Lip Blush and Dermal Fillers. Lilli’s booking system is now via her Instagram @facesbylb, which is also where she documents the incredible before’s and after’s of her work.

Lip Blush is a semi-permanent tattoo-like technique which is perfect for a splash of colour and to create a more defined lip shape/ border. This service has become extremely popular in the salon since Lilli introduced it a few months ago. It really brings out Lilli’s artistic flare! There is a lot of controversy in regards to Dermal Fillers, however Lilli assures people that when the right amount is applied in the correct places, it will enhance features to create the clients desired look. A more subtle approach can be acquired without taking over and changing client’s appearances too much; similarly a bolder look can be formed. Lips isn’t the only place Lilli applies filler; her talents are endless! Dermal filler can be placed in cheeks, jaw, chin and nasolabial lines.

Lilli’s dream is to eventually offer courses to teach people these skills, which is definitely in the horizon for her. Lilli’s favourite part of her job is the social side. She loves hearing how her client’s lives have changed between appointments, and building that foundation with them.

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