Here’s Why Skin Pen Will Change Your Life

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This Advanced Medical Micro-Needling will change your way of thinking about ‘Skin’ altogether! 

From Stretch Marks, Acne Scarring, Surgical Scars and Hyperpigmentation, Skin Pen works on an array of complexion struggles. Our Skin Clinic in Kettering now offers, Skin Pen; and the results are unbelievable!

Clients travel from all over to get this revolutionary skin treatment. It will take your skin from this…to this.

Skin Pen works on rejuvenating from the inside out, to improve overall complexion on the face/neck and other targeted areas. This safe and effective Micro-Needling device is FDA approved, resulting in little to no down time. Redness can be present, following the treatment, however this will calm over the first 24 hour period and is totally normal. This is just the skin’s way of healing itself.

Results have been known to last up to 6 months from this minimally invasive treatment, but a few sessions may be required beforehand to achieve the desired outcome, as everyone is different!

After numbing the area (not always needed), the Medical Micro-Needling Device is glided in a controlled manner over the skin. Small resurfacing needles are designed to penetrate the area to trigger an immune response to disinfect, remove debris and channel the creation of new healthy skin tissue. Whilst increasing blood flow, the new dermal tissue is rich in collagen and elastin proteins which improves the skin’s overall quality like for example; making the skin look more youthful as fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed out, or reducing facial scarring from old breakouts and tightening enlarged pores.

Do you have skin worries?

Do you struggle with body confidence following a surgical procedure or giving birth? Skin Pen is just what you need to give you that boost before Summer hits!

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