ESPA- A Salon Favourite

MS Beauty

Among other brands, Espa is one of our preferred choices at M’s Beauty. Mae, who is our skin/aesthetic and massage specialist, loves Espa, using it both on a personal and professional level. In our SKKN Clinic, the products make a feature in an array of our treatments…

A client favourite is our Espa Facial, which uses the following products-

  • Optimal Skin Pro Cleanser
  • Pink Hair + Scalp Mud
  • Fruit Water Cleansing Gel
  • Hydrating Floral Spa Fresh Tonic
  • Bio-active Eye Cleanser
  • Optimal Skin Pro Serum
  • Optimal Skin Pro Cleanser
  • And a choice of mask- Clarifying Clay Mask, Clean + Green Detox Mask or Tri-active Regenerating Phyto-Collagen Plumping Mask

Optimal Skin Pro Serum is a general favourite among clients and staff. Can you believe this product is vegan?! This moisturising serum helps with maintaining tone and locking moisture and radiance in a rejuvenating and lightweight manner. In this relaxing treatment, we work on the shoulders, neck, face and scalp in a calming massage, working in the products with ease.

Espa’s products are created on a natural basis, derived from plant extracts, marine actives and essential oils. This is main reason why we love to use it at M’s Beauty, as it promotes ‘natural wellness’ which is part of our ethos at the salon. The aroma each product creates is indescribable! 

To achieve a renewed sense of inner calmness and luxurious skin, Espa’s pledge states- ‘’As a natural brand, sustainability, protecting nature and supporting the planet has always been close to our heart’’, and this is exceptionally valuable to us as a company. The brand targets different skin concerns which can be purchased and used upon the guidance of our specialist Mae. With advanced clinical knowledge in all things ‘Skin’, she advises the most beneficial and relevant products to clients based on their complexion worries. When it comes to skin, it can take dedication and the right routine to fully achieve your desired appearance. But, with the right facial treatments and home routine, it can be accomplished. That’s why we recommend ESPA as a vast majority of our client’s have noticed a difference in their skin when using these products.

For acne worries, the Skin Rescue products would be the most beneficial, whereas those who has fine line concerns, would use their Tri-active ranges as they all tackle age-related skin problems. For a healthier glow, the Active nutrients collection helps you to achieve a more refreshed look, especially in winter months when the weather makes are skin duller in tone and texture. The founder had a passion for holistic wellbeing, pure naturals and luxurious treatments; which is definitely noticeable in their product ranges. What’s in your skincare routine? Do you think you’ll benefit physically and mentally by using ESPA? Worth a try!

This incredible brand doesn’t only do skincare, they have a body, home and wellness range too! Could they get any better?! All the products, whether they are skin related or not, benefit the body and mind in a tranquil nature, bringing serene and nutritious ambiances!

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